Six-Month Report Your new City Council at Work for Peterborough

Since taking office on December 1, 2018, your new City Council has made many important decisions to bring about positive change for transportation, to enable better economic growth across the eastern Ontario region, improve public engagement and transparency in decision-making, support better service for people creating housing, and protect our local environment.

I am pleased to take this opportunity to share an update on some of the key milestones to date, and on what’s to come.

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Thank You Peterborough!

Thank you, Peterborough, for believing in me and for expecting more.

Tonight you spoke loudly and I am humbled to be your next mayor of Peterborough.


All Polls Open Until 9 PM

Notice to Volunteers

Hello hard-working volunteers

We just got word from the City of Peterborough that due to problems with online voting in the last hour(s), ALL POLLING WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 9 PM (online and in person).

This means that if you still have people on your lists to pull, you can keep going right until 9 PM if you are able.

If you are scrutineering a final tally/count, your time also changes - if you are able, go back to your poll for 8:45 PM to receive the results once the polls close at 9 PMIt is very important at this point to encourage people, as much as possible, to vote IN PERSON at a physical polling location as the online system may not be fully functional (yet).

If anyone needs a ride, call it into the office immediately - the campaign number (705-808-2197).



Diane Therrien Vote for Change

PETERBOROUGH, ON - In this election, we all have an important choice to make. The Council we elect October 22nd will make decisions that will affect our city for many years to come. That’s why I’m asking for your vote - click here to vote online today!


Housing - A Top Priority for Peterborough

Everyone needs a place to call home.


This belief is foundational in my plan to build a more prosperous Peterborough where the needs of our citizens are met and where we grow the economic potential of our neighbourhoods.

The need for more housing in Peterborough is the number one issue I hear about from people across the city, from all walks of life. We need more housing stock in the city, and more units that meet the emerging needs of the market. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Peterborough has a 1% vacancy rate and has one of the highest rates of core housing need in the country.

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Expect More

My name is Diane Therrien. I’m running to be the next Mayor of Peterborough.

This October, we all have an important choice to make about the future of our city.

Since I announced my campaign, I have been out knocking on doors and talking with thousands of city residents.

People are telling me that they want change. The people of Peterborough are ready for a new voice. They expect more.

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Momentum is Building — SIGNS!

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Peterborough mayoral candidate Diane Therrien holds drop-in at Corner Cafe Makin’ Bacon All Day


The Examiner: Therrien holding drop-in conversations in bid for Peterborough mayor's chair

The Examiner: Therrien holding drop-in conversations in bid for Peterborough mayor’s chair — July 3, 2018

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RELEASE: Mayoral candidate Diane Therrien to host series of community drop-ins

PETERBOROUGH – With July upon us, Mayoral candidate Diane Therrien wants to pull up a seat and talk to people in their own neighbourhoods as she hosts a series of community drop-in conversations across the city. Read more...

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Interview on Pints and Politics Podcast

Diane Therrien on her campaign to become Peterborough’s next mayor

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Diane on The Regulars Show, Extra 90.5 FM

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Momentum is Building

Momentum is Building — June 11, 2018


Diane Therrien Launches her Campaign