All Polls Open Until 9 PM

Notice to Volunteers

Hello hard-working volunteers

We just got word from the City of Peterborough that due to problems with online voting in the last hour(s), ALL POLLING WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 9 PM (online and in person).

This means that if you still have people on your lists to pull, you can keep going right until 9 PM if you are able.

If you are scrutineering a final tally/count, your time also changes - if you are able, go back to your poll for 8:45 PM to receive the results once the polls close at 9 PMIt is very important at this point to encourage people, as much as possible, to vote IN PERSON at a physical polling location as the online system may not be fully functional (yet).

If anyone needs a ride, call it into the office immediately - the campaign number (705-808-2197).