Expect More

My name is Diane Therrien. I’m running to be the next Mayor of Peterborough.

This October, we all have an important choice to make about the future of our city.

Since I announced my campaign, I have been out knocking on doors and talking with thousands of city residents.

People are telling me that they want change. The people of Peterborough are ready for a new voice. They expect more.

And we should expect more from our elected leaders – more transparency, more consultation, more careful planning, more empathy and solutions for people who struggle to pay bills, and for our most vulnerable people.

I am running for Mayor because I have seen firsthand that we can and must expect more from local decision-makers.

My campaign focuses on three fundamentals of building a strong community – jobs, taxes, and infrastructure.

I’m passionate about our community and I have a clear vision of how we can move forward as a city. If you’re tired of business as usual at City Hall, then vote for change.

Vote for me, Diane Therrien for Mayor.