Policy Commitments

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Peterborough is on the cusp of significant, transformative growth. The decisions we make in the next four years will impact our city for decades to come. That is why we need a Mayor with vision, who understands the opportunities and challenges that we face in the decades ahead.

After four years on Council, I have seen that we need more collaborative, forward-thinking leadership in the Mayor’s office. We need a Mayor who understands the day-to-day challenges of Peterborough residents, who commits to being available and accessible to all, and who is able to work collaboratively with partners at all levels to ensure a healthier, more vibrant future for Peterborough. I am that person. I am ready to lead.

At their core, my 39 policy commitments will position our city for long-term success. They will have a direct and positive impact on the fundamentals of City business: jobs and the economy, taxes and affordability, and infrastructure and roads.

By working with staff and Council, and engaging in meaningful consultation with the broader community, I will move quickly to advance practical solutions to the issues facing our city.



  1. Immediate Action on Transportation and Mobility
  2. Housing Affordability
  3. Responsible Financial Leadership and Oversight
  4. Safe Residential Streets
  5. Vibrant and Healthy Downtown
  6. Transparency and Public Engagement at City Hall
  7. Improved Parking
  8. Protecting Our Local Environment



1. Immediate Action on Transportation and Mobility

  • Fix the roads we have now, starting immediately with Chemong and Charlotte streets
  • Fix problematic intersections to improve traffic flow and enhance public safety
  • Implement a smart traffic light system to significantly improve traffic flow
  • Fast-track long-standing plans to make our public transit system more effective and accessible
  • Encourage a rideshare program (such as Uber, Lyft, or a made-in-Peterborough solution) as well as bikeshares to give residents more options for convenient and affordable travel
  • Expand, connect, and enhance trails and bike lanes to improve city-wide walkability and accessibility


2. Housing Affordability

  • Encourage more housing by taking concrete action to show Peterborough is open for housing development:
    • Eliminate minimum parking requirements
    • Appoint a designated point-of-contact representative at City Hall to support housing developers in getting better service and results
    • Publish an “Open for Housing Market Report” to attract and reassure developers we have a strong and diverse market demand, especially from seniors looking to downsize
    • Update zoning and planning to to show housing developers that Peterborough is growth-ready
    • Encourage homeowners to take advantage of updated zoning to legally add secondary units, such as in-law suites and basement apartments
  • Support and enhance Peterborough’s 10-Year Housing & Homelessness Plan:
    • Enhance the housing stability fund and expand the rent supplement program
    • Build the partnerships required to exceed the goal of 500 new affordable rental homes by 2024
    • Continue to offer financial incentives to private developers that construct rental housing with affordable rents


3. Responsible Financial Leadership and Oversight

  • Follow proper planning processes to manage costs better and avoid duplication of studies and costly consultant reports
  • Support continued public ownership of profitable and essential City-owned assets, especially water-related assets
  • Prioritize infrastructure and development that will bring tangible social and economic benefits, making Peterborough growth-ready and in touch with the realities of the new economy
  • Advance a viable solution for a new multi-use convention and community sports centre that will be financially sustainable and provide economic spin-off for local businesses


4. Safe Residential Streets

  • Reduce speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h on residential streets and 30 km/h in safety zones
  • Implement traffic calming measures, including a smart traffic-light system and turning-restrictions to reduce cut-through traffic
  • Increase visible markers and calming measures in School Safety Zones, and look at adding Family Safety Zones and Senior Safety Zones

5. Vibrant and Healthy Downtown

  • Update the Central Area Master Plan to create a vision and foundation for thriving local businesses, arts and culture, housing and livability
  • Prioritize infrastructure projects that will support local businesses and economic growth
  • Extend the pilot program for police patrols in the downtown to ensure safe public spaces and support for downtown businesses
  • Provide funding over four years to the One City Initiative and continue to support innovative and collaborative solutions to homelessness and marginalization

6. Transparency and Public Engagement at City Hall

  • As Mayor, host regular neighbourhood drop-ins & social media forums
  • Establish a Code of Conduct for Council to improve accountability and increase public trust
  • Create a Community Engagement Charter to better involve residents in the decisions that affect them
  • Pursue use of a ranked ballot for the 2022 municipal election
  • Adopt a “Public Works as Public Art” policy to support local artists and the cultural economy with funds already committed to public works projects
  • Provide grants for neighbourhood-led beautification and small-scale infrastructure improvements across the city

7. Improved Parking

  • Launch a smartphone Parking App that will increase convenience for users, and support businesses downtown.
  • Introduce On-Street Parking Permits for residents with no off-street options
  • Allow Overnight Guest Exemptions for visiting friends and family
  • Allow Business Delivery Permits for temporary stopping in Loading & No Parking Zones

8. Protecting Our Local Environment

  • Establish an Environmental Advisory Committee to get input and oversight from knowledgeable citizens
  • Broaden and streamline the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program to reach more residents and small businesses
  • Initiate an Urban Greenbelt Project to enhance neighbourhood trail connections and healthy biodiversity
  • Establish a green bin program to divert up to 20% of household waste and extend the life of our near-capacity landfill


Download PDF of policy document